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Cementitious seamless floor

Cementitious seamless floor


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You are looking for a warm and natural looking floor does have concrete the tough look? Then a cementitious screed really something for you! A cementitious screed has looks very warm and natural but still has a concrete-like appearance, this fits this kind of floor well in a modern and sober designed interior.

The floor is granted, on the basis of cement and is specifically designed as screed. The floor can seamlessly be applied over an existing surface. The result is a smooth, seamless floor which is relatively easy to clean. A cement-based casting floor consists of at least two layers and is often finished with polyurethane (PU) or with wax. The cementitious screed is also called designer concrete floor. Depending on your needs the floor after finishing can have a matte or glossy appearance.

Pay attention! This floor is not suitable for wet areas. To book a concrete look-like floor in your bathroom then the concrete ciré or maybe PU cast floor is for you.

The floor can be seamlessly applied an existing floor, the surface should, however, be flat and rigid, thinking of sand and cement surfaces. A wooden surface (subfloor) is NOT suitable as a substrate for the cementitious screed. Against Floors should be primed with an epoxy primer. A cementitious screed is available in different colors and shades of gray sand. The actual appearance of the floor depends upon the manner in which the floor in the end is polished, and as mentioned, of your choice for a more matte or glossy appearance.

The benefits of a cementitious seamless floor:

  • Suitable for renovation and limited surfaces
  • Authentic character with an industrial yet warm feel.
  • The flooring is durable.
  • Can be used in combination with underfloor heating.

Are you interested or you might have some questions about the cementitious screed? Do not hesitate and contact with us! We provide cementitious screed for private and business use.