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Concrete cire floor

Concrete cire floor

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A concrete floor is the most popular application of concrete and should really not be lacking in the contemporary interior. Beton Ciré has a robust and rugged appearance but is also a natural and warm product and is very easy to combine with other natural materials. This form of self-leveling floor can be used in any room, from living room to kitchen to bathroom and attic. With this floor you will find out that concrete does not have to be cold and industrial, you can give any ambience your space with you like.

Ciré Concrete is a mixture of cement, resins, additives and pigment powder and of itself is not waterproof. By treatment with an impregnant and a special waterproof coating the floor gets its water resistance. Water resistance and possible combination with underfloor heating makes Beton Ciré cast floor highly suitable for in bathrooms. At the finish of your floor or wall, you can choose from as many as 50 (!) Colors and warm tones. Shades of gray are the most popular because of the tight and tough concrete look. A nice feature of concrete warung are the flowing lines that occur during the application of the floor, it will give your floor like a lively atmosphere.

On a wooden subfloor after the concrete screed warung can in principle be applied to any subfloor. It is, of course, however, important that the surface is as flat as possible.

The advantages of the self-leveling concrete cire are:

  • Ideally suited for bathrooms (humid areas)
  • Seamless and easy to maintain
  • Strong durable floor
  • Combination with underfloor heating is possible.
  • Tough modern concrete look

Do you want a warung concrete screed for private of business use? Are you interested or do you have any questions? We invite you to contact us!