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Concrete seamless floor

Concrete seamless floor

betonlook2Do you want a floor that has a sturdy and warm atmosphere? Then a concrete look cast floor is something for you! Betonlook screeds are cement screeds with a rugged, natural look. The unique composition, is resistant and very durable. Namely, the floor is made up of a combination of soft binders and hard minerals with properties. This allows the floor has powerful features and provides the floor comfort.

A concrete look cast floor is perfect for underfloor heating and is also very easy to keep clean. Also liquids can not penetrate into the floor, in that the floor is completely closed pores. Betonlook screeds are also easy to maintain. This course is ideal if you have children for example. If they can drink drops, it is easy to clean up.

The advantages of a self-leveling concrete look include:

  • The concrete look cast floor is durable;
  • The concrete look cast floor is seamless;
  • The floor absorbs sound;
  • The floor is moisture resistant;
  • Dust and dirt will not stick to the floor,
  • Another advantage of look is a concrete screed, is that the floor is available in almost all colors. Thus the concrete look cast floor fits into any home!

The floor finish is applied in layers to the substrate, the layers form a completely tight, so the floor is completely seamless. The special coating (matte or gloss) from the floor causes the concrete look cast floor is maximum protection against wear and scratches.

The concrete look cast floor is not only beautiful in a home, but also in a shop or office is the concrete screed look pleasing to the eye. Horboom is next owners also an excellent partner for businesses! If you are interested or have any questions about a concrete look cast floor? Please contact us and we will see what we can do for you. You can email info@horboom.nl, call us or fill out the contact form on the site. Want to feel free to request a quote? This can here.