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Epoxy coating

Epoxy coating

An epoxy coating of Horboom flooring is an industrial floor and therefore companies an excellent option. The epoxy coating of Horboom flooring is ideal for business areas where there are high demands on the floor, such as mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, hygiene, chemical resistance, fluid density and moisture resistance. You enter the epoxy screeds of Horboom therefore mainly to industrial halls, workshops, warehouses, storage areas, garages, laboratories and production halls. An epoxy coating of Horboom floors can have a high landfill tax and is standard with a finish that allows you to have more fun with your epoxy self-leveling floor.

An additional option is to give your epoxy coating a decorative shade by him sprinkling with kleurvlok. Another advantage is that dirt and stains are less visible. The seamless surface of the epoxy self-leveling floor does not dirty and can be cleaned easily with a polishing machine. If you leave the floor also features then your epoxy coating of a hollow plinth eligible for an impervious floor statement. Previously, the PBV statement.

Benefits epoxy flooring:
– Shock and impact resistant.
– Easy to clean.
– Seamless and dust.
– Safety-enhancing.
– Durable and wear-resistant.
– Chemically resistant and resistant marker week.
– Available in all RAL colors.

Best epoxy screeds, both private and business use.