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Gravel floor

Gravel floor

Design gravel floors of Horboom floors are floors which consist of millions of small gravel grains which are held together by a transparent epoxy or polyurethane. As a result, design gravel flooring Horboom floors very strong, durable and very decorative. A gravel floor Horboom floors feel warm and comfortable underfoot. Due to the structure of the gravel floor takes it to the temperature of the surroundings. A gravel floor Horboom flooring is ideal for underfloor heating. Your gravel floor Horboom flooring is always constructed with the finest grind grains and the most clear epoxy or polyurethane.

As a result, a gravel floor perfect for your living room, bedroom or landing, but also for your company such as your office, showroom or shop. Allows you to combine all the colors and grain sizes together a gravel floor Horboom floors, creating a unique and personal style.

Benefits of a gravel floor are:

  • Sustainable
  • Naadloos
  • Slijtvast
  • Liquid proof
  • Chemically resistant
  • Dust
  • Low maintenance
  • Functionally to overlay all floors
  • Available in all RAL colors

Are you interested en do you want a gravel floor for private or business use? We invite you to contact us!