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Service & maintenance

Service & maintenance

All (casting) flooring Horboom Floors are tight and seamless. As a result, the maintenance of the floor in most of the cases is relatively simple.


Usually as vacuuming or mopping sufficient to keep the floor clean, mopping should be done with water or a mild detergent. Take care when vacuuming that you use a soft brush or parquet to prevent damage to your floor. The vacuuming is, in particular, for the removal of the worst of the dirt and dust. A swiffer the cleaner could also replace fine. The greatest convenience of a self-leveling floor you can enjoy when cleaning the bathroom, the dirt that you always ran into the joints can now nowhere to go and can be easily removed, in addition is also hard scrubbing unnecessary.

Maintenance in the long term

All screeds of Horboom Floors are a good sustainable solution. However, it is true that also the best quality cast floors suffer from wear and thus are in need of maintenance. After a few years may suffer pollution there that there spots on your floor arise that are not easy to remove. To remove stubborn dirt or releasing rubber soles or other heavy maintenance on your screed is a matter for the specialist. And of course you do at Horboom Floors to the right place! Scratches by, for example, to prevent the furniture by use of felt. You can try to prevent after all maintenance is always better first.

Does your floor need maintenance, or do you have any questions? We invite you to contact us! We provide service and maintenance for both private and business floors!